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For more than 30 years, Trends has promoted great home design ideas through its print, digital and online media.

The Trends International Design Awards – TIDAs – take that involvement to the next level with the search for the best kitchens, bathrooms and homes across a number of the countries where Trends has a presence.。。




A three-storey family home within a rejuvenated heritage facade is a living lesson in how landscape and...

Traditional terrace house exterior with verandah gives way to contemporary, open-plan interior in this renovation

A modern extension to this home offers indoor-outdoor flow and a large new open-plan living, dining and kitchen space

While this new home from Urbane Projects offers a private face to the street, the outdoor area is expansive, stylish and considered

An abstract expression of shapes and finishes from the street, this corner home is internally laid out to provide vistas and inter-room connections at every turn – with some spaces ...

Clever internal reorganisation and the addition of another level have transformed this Victorian terrace house, with award-winning results

What is your idea of a perfect home and perfect setting? Maybe this Hamptons inspired luxury home overlooking the Hastings River comes close

This sumptuous merger of modern architecture and Indonesian resort living could make it hard to want to go out at all. Is this your sense of luxury – it's definitely ours.

Smart design retains original 1940s workers cottage charm in transformation to a modern home with quirky touches

If you’ve got young children, don’t design your home just for the present – it should accommodate their growth and indepe...

So you want the functionality that goes with a two storey home but not the ire of the single-storey neighbours? Thi...

Sites come in all shapes and sizes – a pretty rectangle isn't always the option. Here's how one house designer brought things together, with sweeping river views from most rooms the reward