This renovation could have lacked natural light. However with a roof section removed and a skylight in its place, the home takes on a light-filled air

Boasting the hyper-realistic look of worn marble, Casa Italiana's new 3D Velvet tile range take things even further, featuring naturalistic veins and depressions that are simply a pleasure to touch. There are 3 options

In a home designed to follow the sun, an operable roof over this outdoor room seems a logical inclusion. A window wall complete with vertical timber slats further filters the sun's rays

Set in a seemingly impossible cantilevered engineered stone benchtop, a teppanyaki grill extends off one end of a chef’s island in this industrial-chic kitchen with Asian accents

Thanks to Mick De Giulio, Sarah Roberston, John Bulcock and Wulf Borrmeister

This finely finished kitchen balances terra black surfaces with natural toned mosaics and the lustre of natural wood. Obstacles within the design were turned into positives.

A fresh layout with an expanded, double-sink vanity, marble-look surfaces and even a new window and frame all contribute to transforming what was an awkward, poorly functioning space into a flowing, light-filled bat...

Three families unite to buy a three-storey villa that needed to be reconstructed, with a goal to live there together yet apart. Separate floors and material choices bring individuality

Despite its modest footprint on steep topography, this engaging, sustainable family home makes the most of its internal spaces while elegantly framing its spectacular outlooks

How does a celebrated architect go about creating his own perfect Manhattan apartment? Alexander Gorlin, of Alexander Gorlin Architects, recognises the good bones of a dated a...

Operable louvres turn a weatherproof roof into a window on the stars – all part of a thoughtfully designed home where the views and outdoor living spaces go on forever 

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