Skills acquired in decades of home building also translate well into commercial projects

Long a highly respected home design and build company in New Zealand, Fowler Homes continues to extend its expertise in stand-out commercial designs

The Resort by Fowler Homes features Corten steel architecture, building, home, house, leisure, leisure centre, resort, swimming pool, vacation, fowler Homes
The Resort by Fowler Homes features Corten steel cladding that will age gracefully over time.

The design and build knowledge acquired from decades of creating homes that New Zealanders love has enabled Fowler Homes to cross over into the world of commercial design. Over the years, the company has built vet clinics, a ski lodge, a Japanese bath house and is currently building St Albans medical centre in Christchurch. Here is a snapshot of three recent commercial projects that Fowler Homes is rightly extremely proud of.

For the first project featured, Fowler Homes Otago was asked to tender for the John McGlashan College rumpus room and BBQ area plus landscaping.

On winning the job, the branch created an attractive cedar-clad, mono-pitch building ideal for boarders to have as a noisy space to hang out in. The attached BBQ area is in Khol-toned ViBlock and offers another great social gathering area.

John McGlashan College’s rumpus room is one of architecture, building, John McGlashan College, rumpus room,  Fowler Homes
John McGlashan College’s rumpus room is one of several commercial projects recently undertaken by Fowler Homes.

As this was a school environment, Fowler Homes had to minimise disruption to school pupils and staff by working to a very tight timeframe over the Christmas school holidays. This was achieved by ensuring all product and materials were on site early on in the scheme, along with the relevant contractors, despite the holiday period. The project was delivered on time and strictly to budget.

The second project shown here – The Resort – was designed and built for a private owner but has all the functionality of a resort destination. The Fowler Homes Cambridge design is all about indoor-outdoor flow, while the contemporary Corten steel cladding will weather to elegant effect.

Lastly, North Canterbury Fish & Game needed new facilities to replace those lost in the Christchurch earthquakes. Created by Fowler Homes Christchurch, the modern new building highlights Fish & Game’s relationship with nature. It has a steep roof pitch, western red cedar weatherboards, a natural river-stone wall, and gabion baskets. Custom macrocarpa work stations, a file storage room and meeting tables were all built by Fowler Homes on site.

The Fowler Homes-built North Canterbury Fish & Game building, conference hall, urniture, interior design, fish & game, Fowler Homes
The Fowler Homes-built North Canterbury Fish & Game facilities include a meeting space and a kitchen in macrocarpa, the latter built on site.

Whatever your commercial or design and build project, it will benefit from highly experienced designers and constructors, backed by a wealth of industry knowledge. Fowler Homes has a long history of completing complex builds on time and to a budget that doesn’t shift over time.

Talk with Fowler Homes’ experienced regional owners for a builder’s perspective to give a practical direction to your next project: www.fowlerhomes.co.nz

08 Aug, 2019

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